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1083 Vine Street #196, Healdsburg, CA 95448  |  707-484-6050

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We recently took out an Insurance Policy for the purpose of insuring a piece of art work that ultimately required an appraisal by an accredited appraiser. After inquiring and searching, I contacted Kara Lynae at Lynae Arts in Healdsburg, CA. 

In reaching out to her and explaining there was some urgency, she set up an appointment.  She was prompt to respond on time, very professional and courteous. She took photos, and measurements, and then got copies of all the info that we had obtained when purchased from the Gallery. 

She not only did the appraisal, but she did it in an expedient manner, and got it back to us ahead of the timeline, while providing all the documentation required by the Underwriters as well.

She comes highly qualified, and is well recognized by the Insurance industry and many organizations. We were impressed by all she did, and would highly recommend her for your appraisal needs. 

William Jones, Healdsburg, CA

Appraisal Client

"It was so great working with Kara! She goes the extra mile for her artists."

                    -Robin Denevan

Artist, San Francisco

"My parents bought a painting at a charity auction and years later gave it to me.  After 40 years, we were all curious how much it was worth.  Plus, I was getting ready to move and wanted to insure it and another piece.  With quiet efficiency, Kara Lynae made her review of the artworks at my home and within a few days sent an impressive documentation. My appraisal report is now part of our family history, making fascinating reading for both her thorough evaluations and the background information of the art. And now I appreciate my artworks even more, and they are insured properly.

-Aisha Morgan, Rohnert Park, CA

Appraisal Client

"Kara is very easy to work with - smart, personable, kind and always professional."


                     -Elaine Coombs

Artist, San Francisco

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